nobel active

Thương hiệu:  Nobel Biocare

NobelActive is truly an implant like no other. The implant body and thread design condense bone during insertion, leading to high primary stability even in compromised bone situations. NobelActive is ideal for cases where Immediate Function is desired. The back-tapered coronal design and built-in platform shifting maximize alveolar bone and soft tissue volume, while the sharp apex and cutting blades enable you to adjust implant position for optimal restorative orientation and esthetic results.


Nobel Biocare Content

Optimized soft tissue and bone volume – built-in platform shifting and back-tapered collar

Adjustable implant orientation during insertion – reverse cutting flutes with drilling blades on an apex

High primary stability even in soft bone – expanding tapered implant body condenses bone gradually

Strong conical connection – internal connection with conical seal and hexagonal interlocking

Enhanced osseointegration – TiUnite surface with grooves maintains implant stability in the healing phase through the fast bone formation and promotes long-term success